English with 80% discount  in support of the family.

  Life English School together with ZBF "Life and Hope" invites children aged 8-17 to learn English on the charity project "English for Family".

  Under special conditions - 80% discounts - we support those families who need it the most today. We have created 20 places in groups of different levels for the current school year.

Categories of children who can participate

  • Orphans

  • Children of single mothers

  • Children of widows

  • Children from large families (3+)

  • Children from families with disabilities and children with disabilities (able to study in a group)

  • Children from families in which the parents have temporarily lost their jobs. 

Learning conditions

  • teaching children in standard groups  (6-10 people)

  • term of study - at least 2 semesters  (1 academic year)

  • classes 2 times a week for 50-60 minutes.  (depending on age)

Image by Vince Fleming

Terms of enrollment in the project
“Life English-Family”

  • Apply online (by the person responsible for the child's education) - make a comment on our Facebook page indicating the child's category (for example: children's category №5), or send us information about the child and your phone number in electronic form here.

  • willingness to provide copies of relevant documents to confirm the child's category

  • the school reserves the right to enroll first of all those children who need it most, using additional selection criteria (such as the order of application).